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House cleaning for Passover?

Where to Start?

House in trouble? Don’t know where to start? Take a tip from everybody’s friend, the FlyLady! (and she’s a Believer!) If you are like most of us housewives …. Guys, you can benefit from this, too! … you want everything to look nice but the housework just seems to get away from you. So much to do – so little time!!!

I’ve created a new habit for myself – just for starters. If you do this consistently, you will be on your way to a cleaner house.

Don’t you hate to be at a nice restaurant, go into the Ladies’ Room or Men’s Room, as the case may be, and find a sink all spotted with water and soap scum here and there? Well, you really don’t want to face the same condition at home, do you?

Here’s whatcha do – every time you use a sink in your house, finish up with a paper towel or whatever you use, and wipe up your sink. Get rid of water spots, soap scum and polish the Faucet! Make your sink look like new. Soon, with a little encouragement, your family will begin to do the same. When you have a beautiful shiny sink, the counters will look so much better if you remove all the unnecessary clutter and wipe them down, too. Before you know it your whole kitchen and bathroom will be a thing of beauty! At the very least, your sinks will sparkle and you will feel a whole lot better about yourself! Just try it for a week and see. Would ya? Passover’s coming!!!!

See you next time!

Shalom, Sharaka

Salt – a Good and Bad Thing

The Bible tells us: “Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost its savour, ….it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.” Matthew 5:13

We have read this over and over but most of us don’t know what it means… “trodden under foot of men”
“Bad” salt was scattered on the ramp leading up to the Temple altar. The priests (who were from 30 – 50 years of age only) were required to serve bare footed. The ramp up to the altar got very bloody and they needed traction – so salt was used to trod on! That was one of the uses of salt in those days. The weather was often very cold. It does occasionally snow in Jerusalem —– and many priests died from pneumonia.

Salt was often used as wages in the ancient world. Remember the expression: “Any man worth his salt …”?

Balance is such a good word!
Salt – too little is bad, too much is bad. Most Americans use 3,500– 4,500 mgs salt per day, while only 2,300 mgs (or 1 tsp) per day is recommended. For African-Americans, the elderly and those who have high blood pressure, only 1500 mgs are recommended. Too much salt can contribute to high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and stomach cancer. It is estimated there are 150,000 premature deaths per year due to excessive use of salt.

80% per cent of the salt we ingest comes from processed foods, such as bacon, processed cheese (Velveeta) , lunch meats, hot dogs, sauerkraut, canned foods – especially soups, and pickles. Cut down on salt as much as you can. One way is to rinse canned beans and canned tuna with plenty of water, not using a salt shaker at the table and not adding salt to cooking water for potatoes, rice and vegetables. Check your labels when purchasing canned goods. Use only air-popped pop corn instead of microwaving it. Use dry roasted unsalted peanuts. Find other creative ways to cut down on salt.

Restrict bacon, ham, (yeah, right! ;o) hot dogs, cold cuts, smoked salted fish, sauerkraut, pickles and processed cheese. Eat fresh vegetables. They’re naturally low in sodium and high in potassium. Bonus: Potassium forces the kidneys to excrete more sodium.

These suggestions came from an article in the USA Today magazine section of the Herald newspaper, June 26, 2005. “Eat Smart” by Jean Carper. See She also has a website called Very interesting!

If we DON’T get enough salt, that’s not good either….

The human body contains about four ounces of salt. Without enough of it, muscles won’t contract, blood won’t circulate, food won’t digest, the heart won’t beat. In fact, doctors at one hospital have discovered that a treatment for chronic fatigue includes salt supplements and plenty of pickles and other salty foods. Salt tablets are used in extremely hot weather. Let’s use common sense and make sure we use the correct amount of salt.

Other uses for salt include:

Clear the air with this homemade air freshener. Just cut an orange in half, remove pulp, and fill the peel with salt. It will provide a pleasant, aromatic scent anywhere in your home.

Cleans Vases
Restore the bloom to a glass flower vase. Just mix 1/3 cup salt and 2 tablespoons vinegar to form a paste. Apply to inside of vase (for a large vase, double or triple the quantity of paste). Let stand 20 minutes, scrub, and discard paste. Rinse vase and dry.

Cleans Coffee Pots
To remove coffee stains from the inside of a glass coffee pot, add 4 teaspoons salt, 1 cup crushed ice, and 1 tablespoon water. Gently swirl until clean, then rinse. Coffee pot should be at room temperature before cleaning. Do not use if pot is cracked or chipped

On the Move
Don’t let bicycle rust slow you down. To clean the rust from bike handlebars and tire rims, make a paste using 6 tablespoons of salt and 2 tablespoons lemon juice. Apply paste to rusted area with a dry cloth and rub. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Smooth on Silk
Make your silk flowers think Spring. Place the silk flowers into a large bag and pour in one cup of salt. Shake vigorously. Remove. And voilà Your flowers are clean.

Salt Dough is fun for kids and adults. Try this website and this recipe:

Recipe for Salt Dough

2 cups all purpose flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water

Combine flour and salt in a large flat-bottomed bowl and add water slowly until you form a ball. Don’t use enough water to make the ball sticky! You may need more if the air is very dry.

Knead the ball with floured hands for 7-10 minutes. Store in sealed plastic bag to keep from drying out.

Some tools you may want to use:

Aluminum foil
Basting brush
Candle, candy molds – first coat with small amount of oil
Cookie cutters – see above
Garlic press
Pizza cutter
Rolling pin
Tooth picks
Water color brushes
Wax paper

The above website has 42 pages of things to make and do – check it out. It’s a wonderful summertime activity for the whole family!

Don’t lose your savor!
Shalom, Sharaka

Principles of Healthy Living!

Our bodies are G-d’s Temple — let’s keep it healthy!

Here are 10 principles for Healthy Living …
1. Breathe Deeply – Air is the cornerstone of life. Every moment of every day your body exchanges carbon dioxide for oxygen to keep each cell in your body alive and functioning. A rich supply of oxygen can make the difference between feeling tired and stressed and youthful and focused. Take at least five deep breaths from your abdomen several times a day.

2. Drink Water – Water is essential for everything your body does. In fact, you are 98% water! Nutrient absorption, blood flow, respiration, elimination and your ability to see and hear require adequate consumption of pure, clean water. Your body cannot effectively store the water you need throughout the day. Drink water often.

3. Sleep Peacefully – Sleep is the only time your body has to repair and rejuvenate every organ and system in your body. Sleep depravation causes cellular damage, and limits the production of enzymes and hormones your body needs to keep your cells healthy, and prevent premature aging. Sleep also has a powerful impact on your emotional health – it eases stress and helps you cope with the ups and downs of your day.

4. Eat Nutritiously – Food has a powerful impact on your body. Every day, food, in large part, determines how you feel and how your body functions. A balanced diet, rich in whole foods, combined with quality nutritional supplements created to meet your specific needs, will give you the energy you need today, and the disease-fighting strength you need to build a healthy future.

5. Enjoy Activity – Your body was created to move – and move often. Activity increases your circulation, speeding oxygen, nutrients and water to your cells. Your Lymphatic System requires activity to purge your body of deadly toxins. Activity also triggers your brain to release health-giving hormones and enzymes which lift your spirit while they bolster your immune system. A small investment in daily moderate activity will enable you to reap tremendous health benefits.

6. Give & Receive Love – As you give and receive love, freely and generously, you will be blessed with meaningful, lifelong relationships and cherished memories that will bring joy in happy times, and strength and peace in difficult times.

7. Be Forgiving – By forgiving yourself and others for past and present mistakes, real or perceived, you will gain freedom from negativity and guilt that will strengthen you and those you love.

8. Practice Gratitude – Sincere gratitude will lift and inspire you. Recognizing and appreciating all you have empowers you to find and express true joy.

9. Develop Acceptance – When you develop the ability to identify and accept the circumstances in your life you cannot change, yet strive to make positive changes whenever and wherever you can, you will discover lasting peace and hope.

10. Develop A Relationship with God – You build a relationship with God in the same way you build a relationship with those around you – through sharing and listening. By offering a simple prayer daily, you will enjoy a sense of well-being you will not experience any other way.

God loves you and wants you to be healthy and happy. You are His precious creation. He has blessed you with unique gifts and created you for a divine purpose. God wants to have a relationship with you – He has chosen your body as His temple (I Corinthians 3:16). As you recognize and develop your relationship with God, you will be inspired to live a life of purpose and love, and experience health and well-being beyond measure.”

This is taken from TriVita website. Excellent company – look them up!

See you next time – stay healthy!
Shalom, Sharaka

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