The Brothers Meet Again

Jacob has been gone from home for over 20 years. His “dying father” is still alive, but his mother, who favored him, has died. He never saw her again after he left home. She must have suffered a lot knowing she was mostly responsible for his absence. The tighter we hold on to things – the more chance there is of it being taken from us. G-d wants to be first place in our lives, not our spouse, our children or any other thing.

Jacob has quite an entourage – 12 sons and at least one daughter. Dinah was the only girl recorded – doesn’t mean there weren’t lots more girls born to Jacob. He had many servants, and was rich in livestock. Esau, who has learned of Jacob’s journey home, comes to meet him with an army of 400 men. Jacob fears the worst and divides his family into two camps, thinking if he loses one group, the other may survive. Interesting that he puts his dearest wife, Rachel, in the way back, Leah next and the two concubines (means secondary wife in polygamous cultures) in front. You can sure tell where his priorities lie.

Esau, who had wealth and a large family himself, seems to have had a change of heart. He offers a business proposition. He is probably thinking “with his brains and my brawn, we can control the world from our home at Mount Seir!” Could have been, but that was not G-d’s plan. Jacob tricked him again, telling him to go on ahead and he would follow slowly because of all his stock. Actually, he turned the other direction and never merged with Esau at all. What’s with all the lying we find in the Bible in so many places? This has always bothered me. Many times it seems as if the end justifies the means and that doesn’t seem right. What the Ten Commandments say is to not bear false witness. Is that different from ordinary lying? Selah (stop and think about this.)

Jacob takes his family to Shechem where the story of Dinah takes place. A sad tale, indeed.

The struggle between Jacob and Esau continues today. It will never end until Y’shua comes.

Next week: Joseph

See you next time!
Shabbat Shalom, Sharaka

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