It’s almost over! :o(

Chanukah is a holiday with the same theme as most Jewish holidays. “They tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat!”

We have enjoyed this Chanukah so much! Our Congregational Party was great and it was so good to see old friends come and enjoy it with us.

Our times at home have been special, too, and now there is only one more night! :o Tomorrow night we are going to read all the Scriptures we can find about the conception of Y’shua – what Gabriel said to Miryam and the ones about Beit Lechem and many others. I’m so glad He left all the glories of heaven and came as that tiny baby to live among us.

What a Saviour!

Enjoy your last sufganiyot and batch of latkes….. and before you know it Purim will be here!

Blessings! See you tomorrow —

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