America, Israel and Money

“Echad” – “One”

All Hebrew letters have a number value. Add these numbers up and you get 13
alef = 1 (one)
chet = 8 (eight)
dalet = 4 (four)

Spell them and you get e / cha / d “echad”, which means “one”.
alef + chet + dalet = echad

Therefore in the Hebrew mindset – thirteen is connected with one.

There are only two countries in the world who were built on an idea rather than on real estate. These two countries are Ancient Israel and Modern America. Did you know that both these countries have great influence on the other? If America had not helped Israel over the years – especially in 1948, she probably would not have survived. If America had not been built on the Judao/Christian beliefs, God would not have blessed her and made her who she is today.

We just learned that one – “echad” is connected to thirteen.

Look at the back of a one dollar bill and notice how much Israeli influence there is!

1. Notice that there are 13 stars over the eagle’s head in the shape of a Mogan David. (star of David)
They are surrounded by what is meant to portray as the shekinah or glory of G-d.

2. One of the eagle’s claws holds 13 arrows – the other holds an olive branch. You will need a magnifying glass to see it but there are 13 olives on it.

2. Notice the pryamid on The Great Seal – it has 13 layers of stone.

3. There are 13 letters in the Latin words “ANNUIT CÆTPIS” which means “God favors our undertakings”.

4. The motto of the United States is “e pluribis unum” which contains 13 letters and is Latin for “one out of many”. See it on both sides of the eagle’s head. Echad.

“These 13 things appear ONLY on a ONE dollar bill – not any other. There is a reflexion of Judaism in the soul of America.”

This is a quote from my second favorite rabbi – Seattle’s own Rabbi Daniel Lapin whom I have been privileged to hear on many occasions. He has spoken several times at Messianic gatherings.

Turn your dollar upside down. There is a menorah between the eagle’s face and tail so that the main body of the eagle – the American symbol becomes God’s symbol for Israel.

Pastor John Hagee has also preached about this on television.

God bless America and bring Peace to Jerusalem!

This will only happen as America blesses Israel and continues to support them. Let’s each one do our part as best we can to make sure this happens. Compare the evacuation from Gaza and the evacuation from New Orlean, Houston, etc. Makes ya think, doesn’t it?

OK – go get out a dollar and see what you can find!

See you next time!
Shalom, Sharaka

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