I Just Don’t Get it!

“I just don’t get it!”, my friend whined to me the other day, “they haven’t been attending our Congregation a year yet, and she’s making announcements and he’s teaching a Yeshiva Class!” “I just don’t understand that!. We’ve been there five years and we haven’t been asked to do anything!”

Sound familiar? Have you had these kind of thoughts? Are you finding yourself in this same position?

You need to ask yourself these kind of questions…..

1) Am I on time or a little bit early for meetings?
or do I drag in 10, 15 or even 30 minutes late, interrupting the teacher/pastor/leader and others around me?

2) Do I offer my help in setting up?
or do I just take for granted that “somebody else will do it.”

3) Do I attend ALL services unless I am sick? (then you SHOULD stay home!)
or do I skip around looking for “a better place” or come in coughing and sneezing over everyone.

4) Do I offer good commentary when it is appropriate?
or do I monopolize the sharing time or never utter a word. – until I get home, then complain about the remarks of others.

5) Do I stay after meetings to help clean up and to fellowship with others?
or do I bolt out the door without a thought.

6) Do I reach out to visitors and new members and make them feel at home?
or do I wait for someone to come to me and then be mad when they don’t.

7) Am I friendly to children and compliment them when I see good in them?
or do I ignore anyone under the age of 20 and complain if a child accidentally bumps into me.

These things are very important and bring good will or brand you as insincere or a ‘grump’.

Even more important is the Scripture where Y’shua is telling Kefa (Peter) something to do and he, evidentially feeling he was being treated unfairly, says of Yochanan (John) “But what about him????” Y’shua said (to paraphrase) “That’s none of your business, you do what I ask YOU to do.”

Let’s not worry about the other guy —– let’s focus on what we know WE are do for the Lord. When you do that, you never know what you’ll be asked to do!

See you next time!
Shalom, Sharaka

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