The Ushpizin, the Guests

The Patriarchs or Shepherds of Israel

It is said a father has no greater joy than to see his sons walk in his ways. The seven great men of Israel all wandered from place to place at one time or another in their lives. They knew the hardships of the nomadic life. It is said they come, in spirit, as special guests to every sukkah to rejoice in the fact that we are still following in ‘their ways’.
(old Jewish tradition…) One after the other taking the lead each night and the others following. It is traditional to welcome the “guest of the evening” by recalling his life and how we may learn from it.
You may want to give them a chair of honor in your sukkah.
They are:

Avraham, who was told to “Go to the place I will show you.”
He represents love and kindness.
Itzchak, (Isaac)”There was a famine in the land and Itzchak went…”
He represents restraint and personal strength.
Ya’acov, (Jacob) “Arise and go…” (when he fled from Esav)
He represents beauty and truth.
Moshe, “(Moses) …and He caused His people to journey like sheep.”
He represents eternality and dominance through Torah.
Aharon, (Aaron) “…and He caused His people to journey like sheep.”
He represents empathy and receptivity to divine splendor.
Yosef, (Joseph) was sold for a slave and went to Egypt..
He represents holiness and the spiritual foundation.
David Hamelech, King David) “…when he was in the wilderness.”
… the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on earth.
It is a good thing to speak of the good qualities of our fathers. Perhaps this would be a good time to recall the good deeds of your own ancestors and how you can strive to be like them. If nothing else, let us follow in the footsteps of our Messiah and strive, above all, to be like Him. It is good to call in the poor to share in your joy and your bounty at this season. Sukkot was the origin of the first Thanksgiving Day. We are to be thankful and share what we have. In this way, we are following our heroes of old and better yet, we are pleasing our G-d as we recall the good things of the past and look forward to what G-d has promised us in the future.
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For those of you following the Hillel or traditional Jewish calender –
Chag Sameach! Enjoy your holiday!!! It’s the Season of our joy! “Eat the fat and the sweet and send portions to your friends and family!”

See you nect time!
Shalom, Sharaka

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