Miss Mulligan

In the spring of 1986, we brought home a long awaited poodle puppy. It was St. Patrick’s Day and because of that and the fact that she was red – we named her Miss Mulligan. I once wrote a paper about Miss Mulligan, the dog that owned our house and allowed us to live there … That tells it all. We had her 14 years and five months. She lies buried across the driveway at our house, guarded by an elegant swan. I miss her to this day. She taught us things we will never forget.

Below is a poem “we” wrote.

A Warm ‘Thank You’ By Miss Mulligan as told to Sharaka.

One hot summer day in an old Montana town.
A kindly old vet, the nicest one around,
Pulled a nasty ol’ tick right outa my head!
“There’l be no charge,” he smiled and said.

My folks were as pleased as they could be,
And we headed back home – my folks and me.
Well, the days slipped by and summer turned to fall.
Years went on but we remembered it all!

Doc Joe knew his cattle and his horses, too.
But one little creature he never knew.
It wasn’t any insect or any kind of bug -
It’s an odd little thing – a Washington slug!

We found a wooden one and sent it on it’s way,
To give him a smile and brighten up his day.
We wanted to thank him one more time
And say, “ God bless you! Friend of mine.”

Alas, we had jes’ waited too long,
And Old Doc Joe had up and gone!
He wasn’t there and no one seemed to know
Just where the kindly old doc did go.

Now he’ll never know how much that I
Thought of him and I’ll never know why
He did such a kind deed for little ol’ me.
We should have sent that slug, you see!

I’ll never forget him ‘til the end of my days!
And I really know now that it always pays
To send a ‘thank you’ right away before
Your friend goes off right out the door!

Make a list of people you would like to thank for some kind favor, or just because you care. Send letters to them and don’t forget to do such acts of kindness in return. You may never know what a blessing you are!

See you next time!
Shalom, Sharaka

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