Going Home

Five little boys from four to six years old played happily in the spacious front yard of a ranch style house in the suburbs of Mill Creek. It was summer and the sun was warm and loving; the sky above  surprisingly blue for Seattle, known for its gray, misty days.  The boys ran and tumbled and played leap frog, lost in the land of Make Believe. They didn’t hear the car barreling down the street toward them. It suddenly came to a screeching halt and, startled, they looked up from their play. One little fella, dark eyes widening, cheeks swelling into a giant grin, broke from the others and dashed toward the car without so much as a backward glance. The boys went on with their games, oblivious to the loss of their playmate. Carrying its new precious cargo, the car rounded the corner and was quickly out of sight.
So how do I know all this and why should it matter?

The little boys, Greg, Jonny, Danny, Josh and Russ, were my grandsons and they were playing in my front yard. I saw the whole thing from my window. Josh was out there playing but also waiting for his Dad to come pick him up. He knew it was almost time to go home. Josh is now married to a lovely girl, is living out of State, working at a good job, thanks to the education he got while serving in the Navy, and is 27 years old.  Why was he the only one who looked up and then ran to the car? Because he knew his father. As much as he enjoyed playing with his cousins, his father had come and it was time to go home.

The day will come, and probably very soon, when all the peoples of the earth are busily engaged in the activities of their choice – some working, some sleeping, some enjoying their leisure time, when out of the blue a sound will be heard. The sound of many waters. The sound of a shofar (trumpet). A few will hear but most won’t even look up.  But those who are in the know – those who are waiting – those who are listening – will know their Father has come for them. They know they have a Home to go to.  One that has been especially prepared for them. If you’re not watching – if you’re not waiting for Him – you’re not going!

What do you need to do to get ready?  From whom do you need to ask forgiveness?  If you don’t forgive, you won’t be forgiven.  Have you made your peace with G-d? Have you asked Him for forgiveness?  He is ready, willing and able to do just that. He longs to hear your songs of worship. He longs to hear your voice raised in prayer and praise.  He wants to share His heart and home with you forever.  The Saviour came once and died because he would rather die than live without you.

He’s coming!  Are you ready to “jump in the car and disappear around the corner”?  It matters!

This doctrine is taught by many Protestant churches. It is called the Rapture or  “caught up” doctrine.
Some teach a pre-tribulation Rapture, some mid-trib or post-trib. Some don’t believe in a Rapture at all.  Some think Y’shua (Jesus) will come back to earth for the Thousand Year reign and then draw His people to Himself.  How ever you chose to think it will play out – I hope you are ready.

What if you are wrong?

See you next time,
Shalom, Sharaka

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