How to Please G-d …

After the Holy Spirit has called you to Himself – and you realize you are in need of a Saviour and did teshuvah – turned around back to G-d, asked forgiveness for your sin and agreed to try to stop sinning – then you can be assured of your salvation! It’s FREE to all! But ….. then comes your part. Yes, salvation is free (He paid for it with His life!) but that’s not the end of it. You still have your part to take care of. There are five things you must do. They won’t save you – nobody can work to gain salvation, but we must do what He asks of us. You can’t just “say the sinner’s prayer” and then go on living your life the same old way. A Believer is a new creature in Mashiach (Christ)! Here’s how to please G-d:

* SURRENDER yourself into His love and care. Give yourself over completely to His will. He said once, “Why call Me Lord if you don’t do what I say?” From now on everything you do will be filtered through the Holy Spirit so that everything you do is pleasing to Him. You’ll know, in time, in your heart what is acceptable to Him and what is not.

If in doubt – don’t!

* TALK to G-d. It’s called prayer… Daniel did this three times a day. Morning, noon and night. Deut. 6:4-9, called the Shema, (hear, with the intent of obeying) mentions “when you lie down and when you rise up”. That’s twice at least. This makes it a Biblical commandment. Actually, the Word says, “pray without ceasing”. Obviously one can’t be praying 24/7, but you can remain close to an attitude of prayer all during your waking hours. One morning as I was trying to wake up, I was shocked to hear myself say, “Good morning, Lord. How’s it goin’ up there?” I felt I was being disrespectful and was instantly sorry. But I was serious and I was talking to my Father and really wanted to know how He was doing. He is our Abba (daddy) and He wants us to love Him and feel natural when we speak to Him. You don’t have to begin your prayers with high-falutin’, over stated words that we would never use at any other time.  Neither should we be over familiar and start out by saying, “Hey G- – ” Oh, that makes me shudder when I hear some do that. Talk to Him often, like you mean it and don’t come with a ‘grocery list’ of wants. Most of the words in a Jewish prayer are directed to Him with thanks and gratitude while many times the words in a Christian prayer are a ‘grocery list’ of “do this for me” and give me that”! Which does He most like to hear? Be sure to give Him His proper place in your heart and your prayers will be just fine.

* READ the Scriptures. That’s how He talks to you.  Read His Word daily and then meditate on what you have read. How can He talk to you if you don’t listen? Have a set schedule and keep to it.  Read whole books at a time. Which ever system you use – and there are many – stick to it. Write favorite verses down on paper and stick them around your house where you can see them often and commit them to memory. One day we may have no Bibles and you will need to have His Word in your heart. He did say, “Hide my Word in your heart that you might not sin against Me.”

* GIVE – Tithe your earnings. Every dollar that you earn has ten dimes. One of those dimes belongs to G-d. Start at an early age and never, ever fail to give that tithe to the Lord. Don’t say you can’t afford to tithe. You can’t afford NOT to. You are indeed robbing G-d if you hold it back from him. The Bible even goes so far as to say if you don’t pay your tithe as soon as you get it, you must add 20%! Above the ten percent tithe is the offering. You can never out give G-d. Everything you have is His anyway. Aren’t you glad He lets us keep 90%?

*SERVE Him. Ask Him what you can do for Him every morning before your feet hit the floor. Give Him your day and ask Him to show you how you can further the Kingdom of G-d. You know that driver that cut you off the other day? Maybe he/she was having a very bad day and didn’t even realize what they did. How can you serve the Lord by having a bad attitude toward that person and maybe even yelling at them and thinking bad thoughts? Be kind, be gracious. He is to us! How can we do less to others? That’s all part of serving Him. You don’t have to go to Africa to be a missionary …. We also serve Him by gathering together to worship Him. He commands it. Music is a big part of that. Sing to Him.

*SHARE the gospel. Ask Him to lead you to some one who needs your help, your love, your time and/or your encouragement. You may get a phone call, maybe even a ‘wrong number’ and He will turn the conversation to Him and you can be of help in some way. When people come to your door, don’t let them leave without at least a “G-d bless you”. They may open up to you and state some need they have or something that is troubling them. It’s easy to smile and say, G-d bless you!” – even at the check-out counter…. Somebody somewhere needs Him – and you. If He “opens the door” – walk through it. You don’t have to be preachy – in fact, you shouldn’t be. Be natural, be Godly and if He sends someone that needs to hear about Him and is ready to listen – go for it!

So that’s it!   Talk, Listen, Give, Serve and Share. It’s as easy as remembering the five fingers of your hand!

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