Red Heifer

B’Midbar/Numbers 19:1- 4:

A red heifer was to be slaughtered and burned outside the camp and the ashes, mixed with water, were to be used for purification. The Red Heifer was burnt on a pyre, together with crimson dyed wool, hyssop, and cedar wood. (In recent years, the site of the burning of the Red Heifer on the Mount of Olives has been tentatively located by archaeologist Yonatan Adler.) It is now believed by many scholars that it was the site of the crucifixion. From there one could see through the Eastern Gate into the Temple.

A heifer is a female, showing, I believe, that G-d has both male and female characteristics. It’s not always a male that is to be chosen. I believe when G-d made Adam, he held ALL of G-d’s likeness and when He made Chavah from Adam, He put his female characteristics into Chavah (Eve). Neither is better – they are just different – each complimenting the other. Together, they make a ‘whole’. This is not to say a single person cannot be whole by him/herself. Having G-d – a person needs nothing else.

This heifer, a female under the age of three, never having been bred, never having worked or having any more than three white hairs and no blemishes of any kind, was to purify various things. It is said there have been only nine recorded and Y’shua was to be the 10th. She was to be red – the color of blood.

“The sacrifice of a flawless Red heifer is necessary to ensure
appropriate construction of the Temple.

From Dr. Gary Collett, Apocalyptic Biblical Scholar
( ):

“The significance for us is in regard to the rebuilding of the Temple.
The Temple Mount has been trodden down by Gentiles for nearly 2000
years. The Temple was destroyed after it was defiled by Titus and has
laid waste until covered over by Islam. Before a Temple can be
rebuilt, the site must be cleansed. Before animal sacrifice can be
reinstated, the site and stone altar (of course an altar must be
constructed first) must be cleansed.”

The Red Heifer is to be sacrificed (Numbers 19:1-22 gives very
detailed instructions as to how) and burned. The ashes will be used
to purify the temple site to ensure that it will be worthy of the

March 7, 2010 = “Rabbi Chaim Richman has announced on a radio show that there is at least one kosher red heifer alive and well in Israel. This is a very momentous announcement.

This is very significant from a prophetic and Jewish perspective as the ashes from a red heifer are required for purification and a requirement for the future Temple. Here is a quote from the website, “The Temple Institute”, (you can find it here.. ) “For G-d has ordained that its ashes alone are the single missing ingredient for the reinstatement of Biblical purity – and thereafter, the rebuilding of the Holy Temple. ”

With the recent completion of the sacrificial altar, and with the announcement from the Sanhedrin inviting the world to participate in the Korban Pesach sacrifice this Passover season, and now with the arrival of the red heifer you have to wonder if the time of our Savior’s return is near.”

Vs. 5:
Every part of the whole heifer was to be burned (used). G-d needs everything – every one of us – “the good, the bad and the ugly.” He uses it ALL!

Vs. 6:
The priest was also to use “cedar wood, hyssop and scarlet (wool).
Cedar, from Lebanon was very highly prized in ancient times. It grows in Lebanon to be 130’ tall and over 8’ around. It grows best at an altitude of between 3300 and 6500 feet. Up high where it is away from the dust and the quagmires. (Where did that come from? lol) I guess I am thinking “look to the mountains from whence cometh thy help.” Up above the common, up where refreshing breezes blow, where you can see with a clear eye, miles and miles of G-d’s precious land. (I was born in the Rockies and I love the mountains).
Anyway, cedar is a special wood. Egyptians used its resin in the making of a mummy.
Hebrews used it during circumcision and for leprosy. It is mentioned 75 times in the Bible. However, Isaiah used the cedar as a metaphor for pride. Few of the old cedars are left in Lebanon, but efforts are underway to replant and conserve them today. The cedar is the national symbol of Lebanon and is in the center of its flag.

Cedar oil is used as an insect repellant – did your mother have a cedar chest? It is said to be a soothing, comforting oil often used in aromatherapy. It calms nervous tension, relaxes muscles and just makes you feel good. G-d knew what He was doing when He chose the cedar to burn with the red heifer. He also used hyssop. This ancient/modern day herb grows about 2’ tall and spreads about a foot around. It has purple/blue flowers, smells like mint, looks like catnip and is used as a cleaning agent because of its anti-fungal and detergent qualities. I can see why G-d chose it, too!

The last thing mentioned is scarlet (wool). The dye was extracted from the dried body of of the insect coccus ilicis; qirmiz (or kermes). It was very, very expensive. It is said scarlet is the color of arterial blood – that which is fresh from the heart. Wool comes from the sheep and who is the Lamb of G-d? If we just ask the Lord, He will show us so many, many things from His Word, from His creation and from His heart.

We were told to use a perfect red heifer, cedar, hyssop and scarlet wool in the purification
process. Now, what else can we learn?

See you next time!
Shalom, Sharaka

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