Y’hoshua – Part VII

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Chapter 10

Even as far back as this, there was a Jerusalem! And the king (named the Lord is righteous) of it heard about the Israelites. At that time, every big city had its king. These were all Amorites. King Adoni-tzedek called on the kings of four other cities to join with him and attack Gibeon to pay them back for making a treaty with Israel. All their armies camped before Gibeon and prepared to war against them. Naturally, Gibeon called upon their new “brethren” to come to their aid and the Israelites felt duty-bound to go to war. G-d Himself, told Y’hoshua not to fear, that they would win this battle. The Israelites soldiers marched all night to reach Gibeon and a great battle was fought. The Israelis quickly won. After they had battled a long while, – the Lord sent great hailstones down upon the Amorites and more were killed from the hailstones than from the sword!

Y’hoshua was so elated at this victory, that he called upon the sun to stand still so he could continue the battle. And it did! For about the space of a whole day, the sun did not move from its place. This had never happened before nor did it happen again! Y’hoshua must have been a very righteous man, zealous for G-d in all his ways. Daylight lasted until all the enemies were slaughtered. The five kings ran from the battle and hid themselves in a cave. They were discovered and brought to Y’hoshua who killed them and hung them from five trees until sunset. Does this sound somehow familiar? What other king do you know that was hung from a tree and released before sunset? This record was found in the Book of Jasher. I haven’t ever read that book —– it has been lost to us. Just as well, I don’t really like war stories anyway!

Y’hoshua and his men were now on a roll!! They marched against and took seven cities and then won cities with their kings from Kadesh Barnea to Gaza clear up to Gibeon. They “destroyed all that breathed”. The Lord G-d fought for Israel and no one could stand against them. After this, the men returned to their camp at Gilgal.

Chapter 11

The great Israeli warriors, with G-d as their General, took most all of the land. They took the spoil (valuables and goods of the conquered cities) and the livestock but killed every human. They even destroyed the Anakim – the giants of the land. They remained only in Gath, in Gaza and in Ashdod. Remember Goliath from Gath? When all these battles were fought and won, the men returned to their families and rested from war.

We as Believers today are in a battle. Everybody you know almost is in the middle of some kind of a battle – physically, financially, or spiritually. We can win! We are winners! All we have to do is stay close to the Lord and listen to His plan for us. If we obey – we can conquer! If we refuse to listen to Him and obey His voice, we will be lost. Looks like we have two choices: Listen and live or refuse and lose.
What’s your choice today?

….to be continued
Shalom, Sharaka

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