Y’hoshua con’t…. Part VIII

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Chapter 12

This chapter names all 31 kings and their cities that were defeated by Moshe and Y’hoshua in the Land.

It is true that G-d GAVE the Land to his people – but they had to go in and take it! It is true that G-d has provided healing for us – by His stripes we were healed – notice the past tense. Yes, we ARE healed, but we have to claim our healing and possibly do something toward it. We need to eat the right foods, drink enough pure water, get enough sleep and enough exercise, think pure thoughts, stay away from evil, etc. etc. We must do our part to be well and healthy. You’ve heard the old saying: “G-d helps those who help themselves.” Well, I can also say G-d helps those who cannot help themselves! If we do our part to keep our bodies – our temples – in the right condition, then G-d is able to do what we cannot and bring healing. He is ALWAYS able to heal us, but sometimes for whatever reason He does not. He is a sovereign G-d who has His reasons. He never makes mistakes, never comes too soon or too late. He ALWAYS answers prayer – Yes! Every one! The answer is “Yes, No or not now!”

Chapter 13

By this time Y’hoshua was old. He had lead the people many years. The Lord told him he was old and yet there was still much land to be possessed. It was time to stop fighting and divide up the land to the nine and a half tribes that had none as yet. Remember that Moshe had given some land to the north east of the Jordan River to Reuben, Gad and half the tribe of Manasseh because they asked him for it? The Levites were the only tribe who were not given land. That still made 12 tribes to inherit the land…. Joseph’s two children, Ephraim and Manasseh, were each made a separate tribe, leaving Levi landless. Their job was to serve in the Temple (which hadn’t been built yet). The Levites were later divided up into 24 courses and each course served at the Temple for two weeks twice a year as well as during the three pilgrimage feasts when all the males were to come up to Jerusalem. They were given some of the offerings that came from the people’s sacrifices. The Levites lived in certain cities and had a certain amount of land that they could raise their gardens and a few animals to sustain their households. Every Israeli was a farmer!

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Shalom, Sharaka

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