Y’hoshua con’t…. Part XII

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Chapter 21 b

When these two and a half tribes reached the Jordan River, they erected a great impressive altar on the west side. When the rest of Israel heard this, they were shocked and appalled…. And prepared to go to war against them. They sent The priest’s son and ten rulers from the tribes to find out what was going on. It’s still good to “count to ten” and get to the bottom of a problem before you start getting radical about it! Many of us “shoot and ask questions later..”

The “Western group” accused them of treachery and rebellion against G-d. They felt G-d would be angry with the whole Congregation for them doing such a thing. They offered them other lands if their first choice was “unclean” and reminded them of Achan’s sin and how they had all suffered because of it.

The “Eastern group” accepted them and gently provided an answer. They said because of the River, the main Congregation might feel, in years to come, that the “eastern’ group were so detached from them that they would no longer recognize them as brethren. They built the altar, not for sacrifice or burnt offerings but as a memorial and a witness to their relationship. They promised they meant no harm or disrespect to G-d or to the rest of Israel.

What a relief! Everybody went home happy and they called the altar “Witness” “for it is a witness between us that the Lord is G-d!”

Chapter 22

Many years later, after there had been peace in the land, Y’hoshua called for all Israel to come and gave them this message. He said he was “old, and advanced in age.” He reminded them of all that had happened and admonished them to be ’very courageous’ and to keep doing all of the Lord’s commandments. He warned them not to mingle with the nations around them, intermarry with them or even speak the name of their gods. He told them how G-d was with them and fought for them and how one man could chase a thousand – with G-d at his side.

He wanted them to be a living “Shema”, loving G-d with all their hearts and souls and strength. He continued reminding them that their future was with the Lord and only sorrow and everlasting shame would be theirs should they turn away from the Lord G-d of Israel. How sad that in these last days maybe 80% of Israel is secular and not following the Lord. We see the words of Y’hoshua are coming to pass. There may soon be a Palestinian State and that will surely signal the beginning of the end…. We must pray for the peace of Israel and do all we can to convince our leaders that our survival depends on our treatment of Israel. Will we be cursed or blessed? It all depends on how we treat His land and His people. Scripture tells us that one day Israel will stand alone against the world. That saddens me. Would that America stand with Israel and continue to be a great and strong Nation. G-d help us!

See you next time!
Shalom, Sharaka

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