“Why This Night?” – a Passover Poem

It’s almost time for Pesach – Passover. The first Feast of the year!

When my husband and I became Messianic some 20 years ago, our children did not embrace our Hebrew roots as we did. This poem was written to help explain Passover and why we celebrate it. I’m still praying for that to happen. I know G-d is faithful and hears my prayers. I have the utmost confidence that it WILL happen one day! Never give up on your loved ones. Keep praying for them. My children are Believers for which I thank G-d, and most of my grandchildren are, too. I expect to spend Eternity with ALL of them!
A Messianic pastor friend made the last verse and the chorus into a song which they sing at their Congregation every year at Passover.

“Why This Night?”

In the beginning God made Man, a gentle and pure creation.
Sad to say, sin came along, causing instant separation.
Abraham of old, God called; his son and grandson too.
To be the fathers of the new, mighty Nation of the Jew.

To Egyptland they made their way, hungry flocks and families came.
Kind Yosef offered food and drink – he didn’t play their kind of game.
That Nation, blessed of God, grew strong ’til a new Pharaoh began to rave.
He decided then and there to make each Jew into a slave.

Four hundred years they bowed their backs, they toiled for the rotten king.
But God had a plan and Moshe was born to lead them out, to dance and to sing.
First came ten plagues with destruction and death. But our heroes all made it out.
They crossed the Red Sea and made it home – with only forty years of doubt….

The night ‘fore they left, they killed a lamb, it’s blood marked the place to be passed.
God’s Chosen were spared and they were set free to claim God’s Promise at last!
So this night we remember the Lamb that was slain. Y’shua, the Passover Lamb.
Not from Egypt, we’re freed but from sin’s dreaded curse and oh how grateful I am.

May you each accept Him –
the Passover Lamb and into your hearts receive
the One who died and rose again.
All you need do is Believe.
All you need do is Believe!

See you next time!
Shalom, Sharaka

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