This is not a nice story. But life is like that sometimes. I received it a few years ago from Jerusalem and share it with you today.


A group of us were going to have the special Seder meal together and I offered to bring the lamb. There is a believer who runs a sheep and goat farm just outside Nazareth and as the days grew closer I knew deep inside I was not only to bring the lamb but go see him be slain. (Most people say “yuck, oogh or something” about this time in the story – - so go ahead.)

Anyway, I called and set the time to meet the butcher at the farm and follow him to the place. Overnight the plans changed (as they often do here!) and so upon arrival we saw a kid born only minutes before, then went to meet them at the shop. It was a reminder of the ongoing cycle of life and death. The sense though of being drawn to watch all this was not a logical thing at all, so I simply decided to open my heart and eyes to take everything in and hope to hear what the Holy Spirit was wanting to reveal.

I didn’t have any idea what to expect except a lot of blood poured out of course. There he was with his two hind legs and one front one bound together, laying silently (those are key words) on the slab. At first I thought he’d been drugged because he was just quietly waiting as if he knew this was what he was born for. There was no struggle at the condition and strange place he found himself in. I petted his nose and looked into his eyes. He showed no fear or panic. I’m known to often talk to animals, but what do you say to someone who’s about to die for you?? No words came. Then the butcher pulled him up onto the pallet and began washing his neck. The sound of the rushing water startled him, he tried once to get up, but not like he was trying to escape. Then he lay quietly back down again as the knife was put to his neck. My friend was taking pictures and he even held the knife there for what seemed like ages. There was no “rushing to get it done quickly” here. Then one swift cut and the blood flowed. But…… NEVER DURING THE WHOLE TIME DID HE OPEN HIS MOUTH!! NEVER – NOT ONCE. Think of it. Isaiah 53:6-7 .. and the Lord laid on Him the iniquity of us all. He was oppressed and afflicted, YET HE OPENED NOT HIS MOUTH; He was led as a Lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before its shearers is silent, SO HE OPENED NOT HIS MOUTH.

It says this is how it was, but to watch it with your own eyes! It was not so much the fact of his death – of the life, the blood, being poured out that struck me. It was the manner, the character in which he went through it that pierced my soul. Here before me was absolute trust, obedience and submission. His innocence wasn’t cause his wool was all white, bright and fuzzy (it wasn’t anyway!) And he took it so quietly, willingly, patiently! It was then that I felt so unlike the Lamb…..

Not only this dying one before me, but the One who died that we might have Life. I’m so quick to want to speak out against injustice, use and especially abuse in the Body of Messiah. I haven’t even fully mastered counting it all joy in my trials and now we’ve moved on to the must of learning to die silently. Ouch. What I heard that day is that it isn’t enough to thank and worship Yeshua, the Lamb of God, for what He did for us nearly 2000 years ago, the fact of His death. Without one word in this drama, He seemed to be calling us up higher to become like Him…not just apply the blood to forgive our sins, but feed on the Lamb and let Him get inside. It’s a place where we must take on His Life and nature and give our “unlamblike” character to Him in exchange! All creation is eagerly waiting (on tiptoe) for the manifestation of the sons of God (Rom 8:19). He will have a bride of like character.

May we all take communion some time this weekend with a new commitment to become one heart with the Lamb!

AUTHOR: Barbara Richmond, from Jerusalem, April 2001

To those celebrating Pesach today – Chag Sameach!

See you next time!
Shalom, Sharaka

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