A Story for Resurrection Morning

Resurrection Morning
A story of Kefa, Yochanan and Miryam in John 20, by Fern Julian Carlson © 1986

Miryam* from Magdala, whose life had been so changed by the Master, just couldn’t stay away any longer. She rose before the first rays of spring sun streaked the eastern sky; dressed by the light of the tiny oil lamp and hurried outside the gate toward the Place of the Tombs.

By the time she reached Yosef’s* tomb in the gray-pink dawn, she was chilled to the bone and the horror of the past few days flooded her mind. She had to go, there was still something she could do for her Friend.

But where were the soldiers and ………… what!? The still dim light revealed the stone, pushed away from the small chiseled out hole in the rock wall, lying on its side. “The Romans couldn’t leave Him in peace – even in death!” she thought as she fled back to the City, hot tears again coursing down her cheeks.

Kefa*, too, had risen early. Sleep didn’t come too easily these days. The shame of his denial had only increased and in the quiet darkness, he could still see those eyes, boring into his soul. Over and over again he’d relived the happenings of the past week. The joy of celebrating yet another Pesach with the Master and that after the tremendous “welcome” into Yerushaliyim*. But after that nothing had gone right. When he had sliced off Malchus’ ear, Y’shua* had severely rebuked him and then that awful business in the Courtyard. He just couldn’t go into the Palace of the Kohen HaGadol* with Yochanan* when they had taken Y’shua* in for questioning. Instead he had stood by the fire and said those unthinkable words – “I never knew Him!”

“Kefa*? Are you ready? Let’s go!” Yochanan’s* call jarred him back to the present. He finished rolling up his sleep mat, tossed it on a shelf and started the reluctant journey to the tombs.

“He’s gone – they’ve taken His body away!”

They left the trembling Miryam* on the path and raced to the sepulchre. Yochanan*, reaching the rough hewn opening first, stood frozen at the door staring (1) at the burial sheets. Kefa* pushed past him and saw (1) the body lying on the rock slab but the face cloth was neatly folded and set aside.

When Yochanan* came the rest of the way into the tomb, he saw (2) and believed! He immediately knew the Greatest Miracle of all had taken place. Yochanan*, the Beloved Talmidim*, and the only one to die a natural death, was the first to really experience the fact of the Resurrection.

The burial sheets, (the strips of linen soaked in 75 – 100 lbs. of myrrh and aloes like the Egyptians had taught them had been wound around the body) had hardened into the exact shape and form of the Saviour! The face cloth, being removed, left only a hole in the hardened strips revealing the fact that THE BODY WAS NOT THERE!

Oh Hallelujah! Our Messiah has risen! Y’shua HaMashiach* is alive!

Strong’s Concordance explains the Greek words used.

staring (1) = to see, behold, look at, perceive
saw (1) = to see, behold, look at, perceive
saw (2) = to see, to know, to be sure, to understand

Hebrew words

Miryam from Magdala* = Mary Magdalena
Yochanan* = John
Talmidim* = disciple or student
Y’shua HaMashiach* = Jesus the Christ
Kohen HaGadol* = High Priest
Yosef’s* = Joseph of Aramathea’s
Kefa* = Peter
Yerushaliyim* = Jerusalem

See you tomorrow!
Shalom, Sharaka

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